Poppin’ Katy

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one day, I came across a sponsored article from YourEDM.com titled Finally, an All-Natural, Legal Party Pill That’s Actually Good for You [Review]. Of course, I clicked on it because if I wasn’t going to, Facebook’s algorithms wouldn’t have put it there. I read the review, scanned the page for any advertorial disclaimers and double-checked the site’s credits before deciding the source seemed legit.

The article reviewed a mood-enhancing supplement called “Katy.” If you didn’t get it, it’s an obvious marketing play on the term ‘Molly,’ the street name for the illegal drug MDMA. However, unlike Molly, Katy supposedly poses few health risks, and is actually supposed to be good for you since it is filled with all-natural and plant-based nutrients.

The developers of Katy, a nootropics company called Limitless Life, intended to create something to combat the abuse of common party drugs. According to their website, over 30,000 people are admitted to the ER each year as a result of taking ecstasy and about 105,000 people die each year in the U.S. from alcohol and illicit drug overdose. The idea behind Katy is that there will always be people who want access to some substance, so why not make it something that isn’t so dangerous?

I looked at the product reviews and did some Google research to try and find out what people who had tried it said. For the most part, it seemed people at least thought it had some effect, which compelled me to try it. I ordered their “Festival Pack” of 16 and waited about a month for it to arrive.

Personally, I wanted an alternative to drinking since it’s expensive and I’m too busy to waste a day being hungover. I took two before going out for a friend’s birthday and gave two to my best friend, who also didn’t want to drink. About 30-45 minutes in, we both started feeling kind of goofy, which I guess made us a bit more outgoing and social. My body also got this slight overall tingle that felt similar to a caffeine buzz.

As time progressed, the sensations seemed to get stronger for both of us. Our goofiness was full-blown, and my friend and I were in great moods and making each other laugh. The tingly feeling had also taken over my whole body and I felt like the only way to relieve it was to move around and dance. I ended up having a couple drinks throughout the night, but felt the Katy the entire time, and definitely felt less socially inhibited than when I go out sober. When I got home around 2AM or so, I still had energy and stayed awake for about another hour. The next morning, I had no trouble waking up for work and had a lot of energy the entire day.

This past weekend, I took Katy again for a Space Jesus concert. I started with two, and as the company recommends, waited about an hour to take a third. Three is their highest recommended dosage, so I wanted to see how it would fair at a concert. I felt a lot of the same feelings as the first time, but slightly stronger, and I also had a greater desire to hug my friends and tell them I love them. The next day, I felt slightly hungover if I sat down for too long, but as soon as I got up an moved, I felt normal again.

Overall, I think Katy is great for going out or going to a concert, but I really only see it as a supplement to other substances, not an alternative. Both of the times I took Katy, I still had a desire to have one or two drinks, which is okay with me since my main goal is not to be hungover. Katy also doesn’t make you feel intoxicated or out of control, which I really like since even a small buzz from alcohol can do a little damage. If you’re someone who just wants to have a good time when you go out with friends, Katy is definitely something worth trying. You can learn more about Katy here.

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